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Offering some of the best fishing in the world, spectacular scenery and perfect weather the Kimberley is undoubtedly a very special place. Isolated and remote, this true wilderness country encompasses rugged gorges, towering sandstone escarpments, meandering river systems and immense estuaries. The waters are teeming with many species of fish including Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark Bream, salmon, giant Trevally and more. We take a maximum of 12 guests on our fishing expeditions to ensure that there is plenty of space in our tenders which are driven by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide who will use their experience to help you land the 'big ones'!

Our guides will show you our secret spots where we work the numerous rock bars, snags and run-offs and fish from dawn til dusk!

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Map of 6/8 Day Fishing Expedition Kimberley Cruise


As the region's largest town, founded in the heyday of pearling, Broome's multicultural heritage runs deep. This is the place that inspired the music of the Pigram Brothers and Jimmy Chi's Bran Nue Dae and Corrugation Road. Enjoy magnificent Cable Beach, ride on a camel or watch the "Staircase to the Moon" over glittering Roebuck Bay. If you visit in August, Opera under the Stars and Race Round are options, while September's highlight is the Shinju Matsuri Festival.

Collier Bay

An array of snags, run-offs and rock bars present ideal conditions for a host of fish species which will be lurking in the waters of Collier Bay. This is an action-packed day location where big Barramundi are the main target.

Secure Bay

We move into Secure Bay, watching the incredible tidal movements as we cruise through many spectacular whirlpools in search for big Barramundi.

Late afternoon get your first taste of fishing for giant trevally, mackeral, tuna, queenfish and other pelagic species.

Walcott Inlet

The Walcott Inlett is a vast mangrove system and has three large rivers flowing into it - the Calder, the Isdell and the Charnley, all home to some of the biggest barra which are ready to strike! The rivers are filled with gorges and sandstone cliffs. It's a rugged but amazing country that will blow you away - and so will the fishing!

Three Ways

Occupying the southern arms of Doubtful Bay, this area of peaceful mangrove-fringed creeks is ideal for fishing and bird-watching. Creeks terminate the scenic rock-bars. Enjoy fishing for estuarine species in these remarkable surrounds.

Red Cone Creek, Ruby Falls

On the eastern shore of Doubtful Bay, a vast area of mangrove-lined creeks surrounds Red Cone Hill. Behind this hill, a series of billabongs make their way into the narrow gorge of Ruby Falls.

Enjoy a cruise to Red Cone Creek for a refreshing swim at Ruby Falls before trying your luck at mud crabbing.

Doubtful Bay

Named by John Lort Stokes RN of HMS Beagle in 1938 due to his uncertainty as to whether or not the bay led to the Glenelg River, which had just been found be George Grey travelling overland. This area has many scenic and fishing attractions.

Fish the inlets of Doubtful Bay for the elusive Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon.

George Water

Fish the immense and extensive river systems of the George Water which has a reputation for "big barra"! There is also a number of other species represented, such as Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon and Fingermark. Fish the outgoing tide, it is serious fishing in these waters!

Glenelg River

The Glenelg River is home to many species of fish including Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack and Fingermark. Fish the outgoing tide or try your luck at the numerous creeks which have a reputation for "big barra"! - and lots of them!

Barlee Impediment

An enormous mud bank, surrounded by vast mangrove habitat, this is a much favoured area for fishing. The name, celebrating a long dead colonial secretary, appears to have given in jest be explorer and botanist Dr James Martin.

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