4 Day Taste of the Kimberley Cruise

This 4 day cruise offers a taste of our renowned Quest itineraries and will see you visit some of the breathtaking scenery within the southern Kimberley. This 'Taste of the Kimberley' showcases a fully operational Australian South Sea Pearl farm at Cygnet Bay. Cruise through the thousand islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago and visit icons including the incredible Horizontal Waterfalls and Montgomery Reef, Australia's largest inshore reef. You will have the opportunity to view ancient indigenous rock art and to fish for the elusive barramundi in one of the many tidal creeks or inlets the Kimberley has to offer. Exploring this region aboard the well-appointed Kimberley Quest II, accompanied by our luxury fast boat Quest Express, will leave you with the taste for more!

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Map of 4 Day Taste of the Kimberley Cruise


As the region's largest town, founded in the heyday of pearling, Broome's multicultural heritage runs deep. This is the place that inspired the music of the Pigram Brothers and Jimmy Chi's Bran Nue Dae and Corrugation Road. Enjoy magnificent Cable Beach, ride on a camel or watch the "Staircase to the Moon" over glittering Roebuck Bay. If you visit in August, Opera under the Stars and Race Round are options, while September's highlight is the Shinju Matsuri Festival. Your 8 day Northern Cruise either begins or ends in Broome, as you take a scenic flight from Broome to meet the boat, or back to Broome after enjoying your cruise.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Set in the pristine waters of Cygnet Bay, this was the first Australian owned and run South Sea pearl farm. While still a working farm, Cygnet Bay has also expanded into a unique accommodation and touring destination for visitors to the Kimberley. As the only fully operational pearl farm open to the public, Cygnet Bay offers a fascinating insight into the process of pearl production.

Talbot Bay, Horizontal Falls

Talbot Bay is home to one of the icons of the Kimberley coast, the spectacular Horizontal Waterfalls. These twin narrow gaps in a corner of the bay separate a series of double bays. Extreme tidal whirlpools develop around the gaps, making for a thrilling dinghy ride. Take a tender and head in for an up-close and exhilarating ride through this natural phenomenon.

Kingfisher Islands

Amongst the estimated 800 - 1000 islands in the Buccaneer Archipelago, Kingfisher Islands are noted for their pink-hued cliffs, stone barrier beaches and excellent fishing.

Sale River

The river was discovered and named on 9th June 1865 by an expedition from the short-lived Camden Harbour settlement searching for pastoral land.

Explore the Sale River and take an excursion upstream near the tidal limit, where a lush rainforest full of ferns and butterflies has a natural bathing spa that is perfect for a dip.

Raft Point

We head to Steep Island and anchor below Raft Point. We hike to the well-known caves perched on the hill, site of some of the finest well-preserved Wandjina art in the Kimberley. The art is an account of the mythical Wandjina clan on the 'Great Fish Chase'. Depicted are the Wandjina spirits with their distinctive haloes, as well as fish, dugongs, crocodiles and snakes.

From the top of the high cliffs over Raft Point we have an amazing view of the Kimberley coast.

Montgomery Reef

The amazing Montgomery Reef covers more than 300km², making it Australia's largest inshore reef. Watch as the tide falls right before your eyes, creating a waterfall effect as the reef rises out of the water. With tidal movements of up to 10m, up to 4m of the reef can be exposed - truly a unique phenomenon.

After observing the tidal movements, take a ride in the tenders to observe the many marine species that call the reef their home, including turtles and sea birds.

Strickland Bay

Strickland Bay contains examples of the great features that make the Kimberley so special - including rivers, mangroves, reefs, beaches, and a number of islands.

It has great fishing and some fascinating historical sites from the early days of the pearling inudstry. Pearling in the 1880s was conducted by luggers amd was heavily concentrated in this area. There are 15 isolated graves of of early pearl divers in the Strickland Bay area. Cultured pearl farms are now located in this area.

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