10 Day Adventure Quest Kimberley Cruise

The 10 day Adventure Quest is an extensive exploration of the southern Kimberley, visiting many unknown sights rarely visited islands, inlets and 'secret spots'. Enjoy pristine beaches, secluded fresh water swimming holes, ancient Aboriginal art sites and fishing for Barramundi and many more fish species.

This Broome to Broome loop visits icons such as the Horizontal Waterfalls, Montgomery Reef and the Kings Cascade waterfall to name a few. Your 10 day Kimberley cruise from Broome takes in all there is to offer of the southern Kimberley region allowing you to explore many breathtaking areas, discover the deep history of the region and enjoy unforgettable scenery.

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Map of 10 Adventure Quest Kimberley Cruise


As the region's largest town, founded in the heyday of pearling, Broome's multicultural heritage runs deep. This is the place that inspired the music of the Pigram Brothers and Jimmy Chi's Bran Nue Dae and Corrugation Road. Enjoy magnificent Cable Beach, ride on a camel or watch the "Staircase to the Moon" over glittering Roebuck Bay. If you visit in August, Opera under the Stars and Race Round are options, while September's highlight is the Shinju Matsuri Festival. As an embarkation/disembarkation point for this cruise, you will either enjoy a relaxing "welcome aboard" drink or your last breakfast on-board while cruising past the world-famous Cable Beach.

Buccaneer Archipelago, Dugong Bay

The Buccaneer Archipelago is often referred to as the "Thousand Islands", though many are mere rocks. The name celebrates the explorer and erstwhile pirate William Dampier, who visited the area in 1688 on a mission of exploration.

The scenery in this unique part of the world is a true taste of the Kimberley. Cool off with a refreshing swim in Dugong Bay, followed by a scenic tender excursion.

Horizontal Falls, Talbot Bay, Cyclone Creek

Talbot Bay is home to one of the icons of the Kimberley coast, the spectacular Horizontal Waterfalls. These twin narrow gaps in a corner of the bay separate a series of double bays. Extreme tidal whirlpools develop around the gaps, making for a thrilling dinghy ride. Take a tender and head in for an up-close and exhilarating ride through this natural phenomenon.

Further east, Cyclone Creek displays geological marvels. Join a scenic excursion up the back of Cyclone Creek to marvel at these amazing rock formations.

Surprise Falls

We take a scenic tender excursion and then after a short hike reach this extraordinary waterfall. Enjoy a refreshing mid-morning dip in this natural pool surrounded by colours of the Kimberley.

Secure Bay

We move into Secure Bay, watching the incredible tidal movements as we cruise through many spectacular whirlpools. Take a scenic tender excursion to witness the colours of ancient sandstone cliffs and the stunning Kimberley Tose.

Late afternoon get your first taste of fishing for giant trevally, mackeral, tuna and queenfish.

Montgomery Reef

The amazing Montgomery Reef covers more than 300km², making it Australia's largest inshore reef. Watch as the tide falls right before your eyes, creating a waterfall effect as the reef rises out of the water. With tidal movements of up to 10m, up to 4m of the reef can be exposed - truly a unique phenomenon.

After observing the tidal movements, take a ride in the tenders to observe the many marine species that call the reef their home, including turtles and sea birds.

Sale River

The river was discovered and named on 9th June 1865 by an expedition from the short-lived Camden Harbour settlement searching for pastoral land.

Explore the Sale River and take an excursion upstream near the tidal limit, where a lush rainforest full of ferns and butterflies has a natural bathing spa that is perfect for a dip.

Raft Point

We head to Steep Island and anchor below Raft Point. We hike to the well-known caves perched on the hill, site of some of the finest well-preserved Wandjina art in the Kimberley. The art is an account of the mythical Wandjina clan on the 'Great Fish Chase'. Depicted are the Wandjina spirits with their distinctive haloes, as well as fish, dugongs, crocodiles and snakes.

From the top of the high cliffs over Raft Point we have an amazing view of the Kimberley coast.

Doubtful Bay

Named by John Lort Stokes RN of HMS Beagle in 1838 due to his uncertainty as to whether or not the bay led to the Glenelg River, which had just been found by George Grey travelling overland. This area has many scenic and fishing attractions.

We fish the inlets of Doubtful Bay for the elusive Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon.

Red Cone Creek, Ruby Falls

On the eastern shore of Doubtful Bay, a vast area of mangrove-lined creeks surrounds Red Cone Hill. Behind this hill, a series of billabongs make their way into the narrow gorge of Ruby Falls.

Take a tender excursion to Red Cone Creek for a refreshing swim at Ruby Falls, or join our guides to try your luck at mud-crabbing.

Camden Harbour, Sheep Island

At camden Harbour, we visit forlorn early settler's graves on Sheep Island and soak up the history of this disastrous early European settlement. This 19th-century sheep farming fiasco could not survive this rugged setting and harsh climate - the settlement failed miserably and was abandoned after less than two years.

Take one of the tenders for a spot of exploration, have a go at fishing or collect and ejoy rock oysters.

Rothsay Water

The Kimberley is home to two distinct types of ancient rock art. Known as Wandjina and Bradshaw or Gwion Gwion styles, these two different types of rock art have very different characteristics.

Mid afternoon we cruise towards Rothsay Water. We have the chance to view both of these styles of ancient rock art as we take a tender excursion to explore the area's many examples of artwork.

King Cascade

Following a fault-line trending southeast, the 104km Prince Regent River runs remarkably straight, giving it a unique character. Marvel at the pristine waterway that cuts through sandstone cliffs and gorges before arriving at the King Cascade waterfalls, which is spring fed. The rush of water cascades in magnificent tiers, surrounded by lush ferns, delicate grasses and a myriad of wildlife.

Climb above the falls for an unforgettable swim in a massive crystal clear pool and be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the magnificent river.

Cathedral Falls

Join our guides for a tender excursion to Cathedral Falls, an impressive amphitheatre of cliffs surrounding a circular pool with an impressive 80 metre drop. You can spot crocodiles and flying foxes, or alternatively, fish the Price Regent River which is renowned for big Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon.

Booby Island

After enjoying a tender excursion around historic Hanover Bay and learning about the naming of Treachery Head and the exploits of the explorer George Grey (1837), we cruise out past the scenic sandstone and basalt islands of Brunswick Bay.

Marvel at the remote seabird colony of Booby Island and try your luck at pelagic fishing.

Heywood & Champagny Islands

Spend the day exploring the spectacular crystal clear beaches of Heywood and Champagny Islands. Visit a historic secret radar base from World War II, which is a truly fascinating heritage site.

Walk on a deserted beach then enjoy a refreshing swim in the sensational waters.

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