10 Day Adventure Quest Highlights

This unique cruise looping from Broome to Broome visits some of the most remote, pristine and spectacular beaches in the world - perfect for beachcombing, swimming and relaxing.

Enjoy an exhilarating tender ride through the Horizontal Waterfalls, a natural phenomenon of tidal whirlpools and huge volumes of water rushing through two narrow, closely aligned gorges.

Watch the tide fall right before your eyes creating a waterfall effect as the reef rises out of the water on the amazing Montgomery Reef.

Cruise along the Price Regent River and through the Prince Regent National Park: one of the great wilderness areas of Australia. This is where we get right up close as we nose the boat into the King Cascades waterfall.

Throughout your cruise you will explore the land and climb above falls for unforgettable swimming adventures in crystal clear waterholes.

View Windjina Aboriginal art hidden in caves dotted throughout the Kimberley Coastline and explore the stories dating back thousands of years that accompany them.

There are several opportunities to fish tidal creeks for Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jack or try your luck at Pelagic fishing throughout your cruise.