Guest reviews

"The Kimberley Quest 'Taste of the Kimberley' was a complete stunning and exciting adventure of a lifetime - while still being relaxing and luxurious. Staff pay amazing attention to detail, being compassionate to all guests' needs and desires. The Captain is a renowned venturer of the region - comparable to very few. I would recommend this trip to all ages and inclinations."

Claire B - October 2018

"A wonderful experience- crew were outstanding, chef incredible - thank you."

Del G - September 2018

"I had very high expectations and they were exceeded. It is clear that the Kimberley Quest management know how to organise an exceptional experience. Their attention to detail is first rate and it is the little things that add up to differentiate this cruise from the others."

Scott H - August 2018

"Staff enthusiasm and care was outstanding, expert information wonderful, activities and sights visited were amazing. Thank you for an amazing experience which fulfilled and exceeded our expectations."

Eric & Gail C - July 2018

"All staff are world class. The group size and staff ratio to guests was spot on. The delicate balance between safety and adventure was achieved. The willingness to share in a love of country was exceptional. On top of all that, the meals were deliciously decadent without being pretentious."

Nina H - June 2018

"'A well oiled machine' would describe your company!! You have a formula that is a winner so keep doing what you are. For us this has been the most magnificent, amazing, awesome experience with a group of people who love the Kimberley and have taught us so much. Also their friendliness and sense of humour made it that much better."

Judy & Glenn S - May 2018

"Highly recommended - a privilege to do this journey on this customised vessel through this precious land and seascape with the best crew ever!"

Sharon & Greg - April 2018

"Crew were exemplary in all respects and made every aspect a delight. The boats are magnificently outfitted. The environs were truly beautiful and the remoteness and age of the land is awe inspiring. As my first cruising experience this set the bar very high."

Anne - April 2018

"The staff were great....very friendly and extremely professional. Tim's knowledge, Alex and Mitch's fishing guidance and boat manoeuvring, Josh's professionalism, Em and Ellen's cheerfulness and Brett's creativity made our week an experience never to be forgotten."

Mary - April 2018

"Our expectations have been wonderful this experience has been. This Quest will be recommended to all....a true bucket list experience.....Thank you staff and crew."

Debra - April 2018

"I'm still floating and dreaming of my magical Kimberley adventure.... I am missing the crew, new friends, Kimberley Quest II and Kimberley environment. Thank you all for a 'trip of a lifetime'."

Marion - April 2018

"Amazing!!! I think the staff were able to assess each individual and provide support, encouragement and attention to match personalised needs. Local knowledge was outstanding, with all staff demonstrating a love of the Kimberley and an interest in sharing their knowledge. Tim was a real presence on the boat and was incredible with the detailed knowledge he shared.

Liz - September 2017

"The staff onboard Kimberley Quest II went out of their way to make sure you had an excellent time. Toby the chef made incredible meals that kept us all happy and tummies content! The Captain Sam kept an excellent safe ship and all crew you could not fault them!"

Wendy - September 2017

"The staff were amazing and incredibly professional always with a happy disposition. Cannot believe how everyone worked as a team. The service was seamless. Thank you for a truely wonderful experience."

Dawn - September 2017

"Incredible! Exceeded expectations. Congratulations to Jeff and his crew - Mitch, Liam, Sandra, Kate, the amazing chef, Brett and of course that fount of all knowledge, Tim Willing. An amazing combination off talents that worked really well together to make this an unforgettable experience for Nancy and I - Thank you!"

Michael & Nancy - August 2017

"The crew have been absolutely perfect - waiting on us all every minute of the day - has been a fantastic adventure - thank you!"

Kick & Fiona - July 2017

"We look forward to recommending this to friends at home and overseas. We think you have the perfect combination of adventure and comfort. It would seem to us that a significant feature of Kimberley Quest is the jet boat. Such an advantage in addition to the dinghys which themselves were very comfortable."

Peter & Jennifer - June 2017

"Toby is a gem with his wide ranging culinary skills in producing fresh and healthy food for every occasion. The attentive service given by Kate and Sandra was friendly and faultless."

Tony & Cora - June 2017

"Very friendly group on board and extremely helpful and engaging crew members. Never a dull moment with something of interest continually happening."

Jeanette - June 2017

"This was my second Kimberley Quest cruise and on boarding in Wyndham I felt immediately at home with a sense of excitement that lasted the whole cruise. Thank you Jeff and your outstanding crew."

Berryle - May 2017

"Wonderful trip, would recommend and love to come back in the future. Cannot recommend the crew highly enough."

John & Margaret - May 2017

"Thank you to all the crew for creating an experience which was truly 'Beyond Adventure'."

Ross & Pam - April 2017

"Can't thank you all enough for a lifetime of memories. It was such and amazing experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience it, I feel very privileged!"

Juanita & Kevin - March 2017

"Sam was outstanding. We doubt that you could find any better. Actually, we think you could say that about the entire crew."

Kaye & Daryl - March 2017

"The crew have been part of what has made this trip an unforgettable experience, in their treatment of all guests with respect, patience and good humour whilst teaching us new skills eg when fishing or taking us on walks that may have been a bit tricky for some. Having Tim on board was an excellent resource for us as well as he is a fount of knowledge of the area."

Sally - March 2017

"Excellent cruise, it was my fourth time! Friendly staff and great company."

Glenys & Wayne - November 2016

"The boat is extremely well designed for remote cruising."

The Blackmores - November 2016

"Ryan was extremely generous with his vast experience, the crew had great enthusiasm and were willing to do anything to help us."

John - October 2016

"The crew had exceptional knowledge in local wildlife and cultural aspects (Aboriginal Rock art); they were careful to preserve natural heritage."

Laurie - September 2016

"Nothing to complain about. Love the casual boat life especially no shoes for 8 days. Tim definitely a wonderful guide and have learnt heaps. All great!"

Christine - September 2016

"The staff on our trip were excellent, especially Sam the captain, who was very professional, friendly and helpful to everyone; and guided crew very well."

Margie & Rich - August 2016

"All the crew was exceptional, their cheerful care for us made our week so pleasant. They all went out of their way give us a wonderful experience. The ship is a pleasure and is so well designed."

Kathy - September 2016

"We are highly likely to come again next year."

John - September 2016

"The crew were the most helpful of any I have any encountered."

Ailsa - August 2016

"We cannot give high enough praise of the crew. From captain all the way down it is the best combination of both experience and abilities."

Roslyn - July 2016

"All crew appeared genuinely interested in guests comfort and worked hard to find something special for everyone."

Joanne - July 2016

"Great trip and very well managed and organised. Gary did a fantastic job at keeping the guests abreast of progress and logistics of trip. We always had confidence in our safety and that he and his crew had all our interests at the forefront of his decisions. Well done."

Jamie - July 2016

"We count ourselves as fortunate to have had the services of a wonderful crew, an amazing guide and a chef who exceeded all expectations."

Steve - July 2016

"Brilliant commentary wherever we went, great local knowledge and very able to impart that knowledge to those of us with little knowledge of aboriginal culture and customs."

Brett - June 2016

"The chef was outstanding and his choice of meals was superb and of a consistently high standard. The captain was a natural at sharing his excellent knowledge, insights and passion for the region."

Paul - June 2016

"A brilliant experience comprised of a great itinerary, good boat and facilities, great food, great crew and a great group of co-passengers."

Bill - June 2016

"We had a fantastic, attentive, knowledgeable crew and highly recommend all of them. We were extremely blessed to have such a great skipper with so much knowledge."

Neil - June 2016

"A real highlight in my life. I love the Kimberley. Everything was so clean and orderly and well looked after, including us!"

Diane - June 2016

"Most enjoyable excursions with a sound knowledge of the area and its features. We were told by experienced travellers that it was the best trip you could do and they were totally correct."

Celia - June 2016

"It has been the trip of a lifetime. When friends have told me that it was the best thing they had ever done, I was sceptical. Now I understand their enthusiasm."

Joy - June 2016

"Really great crew who never seem to stop, and really have a huge influence on the trip being so enjoyable."

Neil - June 2016

"Each crew member worked with a pride in that their task and role was, but most importantly it was done with a very happy disposition which created a great atmosphere on the boat."

Gordon - May 2016

"Crew were always ready and eager to assist to our needs and made us feel very relaxed. The food was excellent, with a great variety."

Jan - May 2016

"Lovely experience, loved every moment of it. The friendship development with crew and passengers made for a very convivial and happy experience."

Sheryl and Gordon - May 2016

"We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise, it surpassed all our expectations in terms of hospitality, interest and the enthusiasm and competence of the staff."

John - April 2016

"Absolutely wonderful! Loved every aspect of the cruise experience."

Deb - April 2016

"All the crew were fun, helpful and obliging. Nothing was too difficult. I can't emphasise enough how they added to our amazing experience."

Penny - March 2016

"I cannot emphasise enough how much fun the crew were. Their efficiency and fantastic personalities, with no sign of any group friction, really made it an amazing experience that i won’t forget for a very long time."

Lee Ann - March 2016

"The whole cruise was fantastic and the service from the crew was excellent. I had a great time and would recommend the cruise to family and friends."

Jay King - October 2015

"A pleasure to be involved with a progressive organisation. All staff have a real passion in a team environment to provide the highest level of customer service."

Stephen Goodridge - September 2015

"Michael and I experienced this trip in celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Thank you to Kimberley Quest and all staff. We feel very grateful for providing us with this magical trip and make our milestone very memorable. Can't wait to share it with our wonderful family and dear friends."

Rosalie & Michael McKay - August 2015

"This has been an exceptional experience which has exceeded our expectations. The staff have offered us every hospitality and were always on hand if assistance was needed."

Bill & Sue Rock - August 2015

"My husband & I have just returned from the 10 Day Adventure Quest on the Kimberley Quest and would rate this trip as one of the best experiences we have ever had. From the moment we booked, we had fabulous follow up & upon boarding, we were treated like royalty with our every request catered to with courtesy & efficiency. The level of service & attention to detail was exceptional. The quality, preparation & presentation of food was five star & the daily adventures took us to the most pristine & remote places in the Kimberley. Our crew had great local knowledge & enthusiasm for the area & were very helpful to those less agile. A magnificently indulgent adventure that we can highly recommend. "

Jen & Chris DiNuzzo - August 2015

"We have been on 4 Kimberley Coast cruises over the past 9 years - 3 times on Kimberley Quest II.

"This vessel was specifically designed and built for the for the job she does so perfectly. She is maintained and operated to the highest standards.

"The skipper and crew are expertly familiar with the itinerary of amazing locations visited. Their teamwork has to be experienced to be believed.

"Service is first name/personal and efficient from the moment of booking until disembarkation.

"The Kimberley Coast is a unique part of our planet. Our advice to anyone planning a Kimberley Coast cruise is to book on KIMBERLEY QUEST II."

Clem & Diana Allen - July 2015

"The crew are outstanding, they work over and beyond our expectations, we have been blown away by the service provided and are extremely humbled to know the age and experience of the staff. Well done, you have made our holiday very enjoyable. Thank you!"

Benton & Sharon Wallace - July 2015

"The 'wow' factor was served up daily in every aspect of the experience, not only was the crew outstanding, food worthy of a chefs hat but the agenda each day of what we did and where we went was beyond amazing... there is really not enough superlatives to describe how truly amazing a Kimberly Quest II Cruise is. Thank you hardly touches the sides for our appreciation for all that made this an experience that we can."

John Butschies & Sue Creak - June 2015

"Having planned this over several years and as a celebration for Karen and myself expectations were high. But you've blown them out of the water and delivered an experience way above what we could have imagined! Thank you!"

Greg Whimp & Karen Stevenson - June 2015

"As an infrequent 'cruiser' I have been so impressed by every aspect of this Kimberley Quest II Cruise. I cannot praise the crew highly enough. Nothing was ever too hard and their care and attention to every detail for our enjoyment and comfort was outstanding. Thank you."

David & Beryle Bevan - June 2015